Start Date:
July 14, 2020
End Date:
July 14, 2020
Akademi Small Bar

Discover how to follow the flow of pleasure.

This workshop is for women/men who are wanting to their partner to ravishing them and take them, voicing it and reading it in fiction novels sound all good in theory but when push comes to shove how can we teach, understand, support and encourage ourselves to sexually nourish our partner and to actually do so, without projecting, belittling or shaming or making ourselves or them feel small or building resentment by sweeping our desires under the rug.

Here is what we need to do….

We support our partners in how to gain access to their primal side, sensual self and how to become an amazing giver and receiver. Though the sense of touch, words and the awakening of the sensory system.

Why do we need to discover and learn these skills

The reality is we can’t fake it and just give it, what we need to do is learn to access that identity and aspect within ourselves. Amazing lovers are not born overnight; they evolve over time with a desire and willingness to understand themselves and their lover by gaining consent skills so we can express it freely, discovering how to take for our pleasure when it's consensual and understanding when it's time to be greedy and receive.

This isn't about gender roles, It's about everyone learning how to access it, and take charge in a way that's authentic and also respectful. That's what taking is all about. It's about learning how to receive and surrender into softness and pleasure without the chaos of the mind. If we are unable to access these elements within ourselves then we are limiting ourselves from our fullest potential.

The benefits that you will gain coming along and experiencing an Evolved Lovers workshop.

- Rediscover how to touch and how to feel again with your hands
- Want-to and willing-to, what’s the difference and why does it matter?
- Receiving and giving, not what you might think!
- Follow the pleasure, what is pleasure and what does it mean to ‘follow’ it?
- How understanding the quality of touch enhances our sex life ?
- Taking/allowing - how to find them and where they take you
- Receiving/ giving - how to find them and where they take you

Your facilitator Skye Stevenson

We want you to wake up everyday and mimic the thoughts and behaviors of your true divinity. Our intimacy and sexuality educator, Skye Stevenson wants to teach you how to give up control and guide you to feel and embody your true power.

Skye Stevenson, the founder and creative director of Evolved Lovers, specializes in opening her clients up to the deep intimate connections between your partner and yourself.

Whether you are struggling with self love, low sex drive and intimacy, partner interconnectedness, desires and fantasies or sexual dysfunctions; Evolved Lovers can lubricate your journey to self discovery and exploration.

Bar Opens at 6.00 pm
Workshop starts at 7.00 pm and will finish at approximately 9.00 pm
If you are unable to attend please ask for a refund via Eventbrite.