Start Date:
May 23, 2021
End Date:
May 23, 2021
Nature of Self Venue Hire 142-144 Railway Street Cottesloe/Claremont 6010

This playshop will provide you with the resources and tools to understand your own essential nature and the essential nature of your partner. This playshop is, for individuals, and couples wanting to improve the quality of their connection and deepen their relationships, personal and professional, with lovers, friends, parents, children or colleagues. (No prior experience necessary and you don’t need to be in a relationship to come)

“We have been conditioned for hundreds of years. We have to unlearn everything we have been taught to relearn who we are.” ~ Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory


  • Explore finding solutions to relationship issues through using the Relationship Map.
  • Unravel our subconscious human behaviour patterns that show up in unhealthy ways. 
  • Guidance to evolve from love draining < love generating to live a more ecstatic, high vibrational and blissful life with ease.
  • Deeper Understanding of the gender roles conditioned within us.
  • Practices to harness and balance your own yin/yang energies 
  • How to notice, value and trust your own intuition
  • Communication Skills 
  • HeartFelt Forgiveness and Apology Models.


  • From relationship confusion to clarity 
  • Feel more understood and heard within your relationships
  • Skills and tools to diffuse power struggles and arguments 
  • Feel more safe within yourself so you can live more freely 
  • Deeper understanding of what you need to cultivate in order to remove you protective shield 
  • Self Discovery through the embodiment of these polar energies and  it’s powerful play
  • Conscious Relating with Yourself so you can Consciously Relate with others.


Water bottle 

Notepad or journal to take notes 

Be comfortable,

Tea and refreshments will be provided

There will be a break at lunch with enough time for you to locate some food. Attached to the venue out the front is a lovely cafe called “The other side”.


$177 Early Bird Ends 30th April

$354 Come with a Partner / Friend

$197 Full Exchange 




Participation on the day:

You are always empowered with choice and voice, and there are lots of ways to participate in this workshop. At times you will have the opportunity to pair with another participant for an exercise, or to do it solo, or simply to sit and witness. You may change your mind. There will be lots to feel into and to experiment with. Ultimately this is a somatic, embodied practice so we want you to not just “get it” intellectually, but to feel it in your body. This may be a different kind of learning or experience than you’re used to.


Your Facilitators

Skye Stevenson 

Skye Stevenson is an Awakening within Relationship & Sexuality Educator. Skye’s  has helped many couples experience blissful joy within their sexual union. With her unapologetic,  sexually positive approach she now makes it her mission to grant others the knowledge of how they too may feel raw passion by abandoning their fears and embracing their innermost desires.

Aimee Hamilton 

Aimee holds over 2 decades of experience leading her community in the world of health and wellness. Beginning her journey studying Sports Science and working as a Females Fitness and Wellness Coach, her passion for optimal health continued as she faced the many challenges of raising her family as a single parent and navigating the many different relationships in her life. Aimee found her self training under mentors such as Sigourney Belle and The Australia Success Academy.

Certainty is a human need that is essential in times such as these. 

2020 saw a year like no other in modern times. 

Are you being called home? To your greatest certainty, found within the subtle sensations that awaken within your body the more you turn inwards. 

The more you listen, and begin to discern the whisperings.