Start Date:
July 30, 2021
End Date:
July 30, 2021
Twisting peacock 3/ 228 Main St , Osborn Park, WA 6017

Our passion is to awaken your sensuality & sexuality that most have long repressed. Allowing females/males to come home to their true sexual self expression. Our mission is to welcome exploration through non intimidating practices. Empowering singles and couples to trust their inner voice, so you can surrender, melting away shamelessly as you explore your inner desires in a safe space and expand as you free your sexual self.

30th July Theme Demonstration: Erotic Wax , Sensual Shibari, Tantric Ritual, The art of Intimacy Through Flogging

Throughout the night you will have the choice to observe educational demonstrations at the given times or the opportunity to go off and use the space to explore your needs and wants.


FRIDAY -  ARRIVAL - 7:45 - 8pm

8 - 8:30
Intro House rules & agreements
Opening Circle - Cacao drinking

Embody how Consent delivers safety which is sexy AF.
Games Introducing your embodied YES/NO
Learning to make healthy requests, activate your voice
How to recognize our boundaries, limits & honour them

Open Play Space      
Everything from yummy cuddles, intimate touch, kinky exploration, whatever you heart craves, you have the choice to connect and explore authentically within limits. Requesting consent at all times. During the play space you can observe and learn from live demonstrations.

Closing circle 10.45pm

Water bottle
Little blanket if you wish to wrap around you
Your toy bag if you have, eg; ropes, paddles, floggers, blind folds, feathers etc (Evolved lovers will also supply so don't worry)

Absolutely anything! You may dress up to feel sensual, saucy, sexy, exotic, wild. Wear as much or a little as you like. Clothing optional

About participation:
You are always empowered with choice and voice, and there are lots of ways to participate. You will have the opportunity to pair with another participant for an exercise, or to do it solo, or simply to sit and witness. You may change your mind. There will be lots to feel into and explore with.

PLEASE NOTE: This is alcohol & drug free event and no genital touch will be allowed.

On Friday 30 July 2021 at 7:45 PM to 11:00 PM


$60    Individual Early Bird 9th July ( Limited Early bird tix )
$80    Individual Full Price 10th July  
$120  Couple/Friend  TIX x2


Twisting peacock
3/ 228 Main St , Osborn Park, WA 6017