Start Date:
October 2, 2021
End Date:
October 2, 2021
A place to be - East Fremantle

Have you found yourself giving and caring for others first that somewhere along the line you have given so much of yourself externally to others that you have forgotten how to WANT or how to receive to nourish yourself. Then this workshop is for you

This is a touch workshop but at no time do you have to touch anybody. It is available to couples and singles who are either Female, Male, Non-binary and open to all sexualities. We will be breaking down the two different ways that we receive as humans. You will be given the opportunity to practice solo or in a pair through guided embodiment practices to bring you back home to your body. You will develop the awareness to notice your wants and needs, so you can start to value, trust and communicate it within all your relationship dynamics. When you understand who the pleasure is for you can CHOOSE to stop going along with experiences that you don’t want for yourself.


  • How to create emotional saftey for yourself
  • Theory framework from the Wheel of consent school
  • Learn to notice what it is you want, how to trust that, value it and communicate it
  • How to recognise pleasure within your body and follow it
  • Want to and Willing to. Learn the difference - How being able to distinguish the two will transform your life forever


  • Enhanced self love and self acceptance
  • Heal past traumas around touch
  • Knowing your own boundaries and limits
  • Being able to identify and recognise your own feelings
  • A softening within heart space, feeling more secure! So you can enjoy deeper and more meaningful enriched experiences with an awakened heart


  • Those who do not want to develop and grow as a person
  • Anyone expecting nudity or sexual touch


A place to just be
4 preston point road, east fremantle wa 6158


2nd Sat Oct



Singles ticket $199

Couples/friend ticket: $349

Limited spaces. This workshop will only hold a maximum of 12 people so be sure to secure your spot.

If you are a single parent, student or concession please enquire for more details

Discount ticket for helpers *limited*

What others have discovered working with me 1:1 in the wheel of consent touch sessions

“My communication has not only improved in my relationship, it has rippled into my work and how i communicated to my own clients in the gym”

“I'm feeling more connected to my body. I now have a better understanding of being able to articulate what it is I need both romantically and professionally. I feel more self acceptance around my body too”

“Before working with you I struggled to have deeper connections with friends and romantically, I wasn't aware of the disconnect within my body, this framework has given me confidence and allowed me to connect more deeply with friends. I’a so excited to more forward and continue this journey”

"Your guidance for me to express my interest really helped me in asking for what i what i'd truly desire. I'll be taking that home for sure!


Please email or call/sms Skye 0473443418 if you have any further questions or concerns

About Your Facilitator:

Skye Stevenson is the founder and creative director of Evolved Lovers, Skye is an approved Awakening Within Relationship & Sexuality Educator, Internationally certified Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master with a diploma in Kahuna massage & has trained with the Wheel of Consent School. Skye specialises in sexual trauma using a wide range of tools from talking sessions, body de-armouring, touch work and yoni massage healing to re-awaken ones desire. Whether you are struggling with self love, low sex drive and intimacy, partner interconnectedness, desires or sexual dysfunctions; Evolved Lovers can assist your journey to self discovery and exploration.