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Guys, I’ve been waiting eight whole months to share this blog with you - better late than never though, right? Yep, eight months was how long ago I reached out to Sal, the creator of Mojoco, about the Elvie Trainer. After hearing whispers of how amazing this product is, I knew I had to try it for myself before I could begin recommending it to my clients.

Before discovering this game-changing pelvic floor trainer, I’d explored with yoni eggs only to discover they weren’t for me. Enter this little silicon green Elvie Trainer that has rocked my world and my sex life. I’m talking internal orgasms through sexual penetration and without any extra external stimulation! So, what exactly is it?

Elvie Trainer review - Evolved Lovers

Meet your new best friend, the Elvie Trainer

The Elvie Trainer is not just a sex toy; it’s an award-winning trainer for your pelvic floor. It’s designed to engage and train the muscles of your pelvic floor, allowing you to explore internal orgasms and deepen your orgasmic potential. What may have once seemed like Mission Impossible is now possible!

I can barely believe how easy it is to use the Elvie Trainer. You just hook it up to your phone using Bluetooth, download the app which guides you through all the super fun exercises, and track your progress. These exercises visualise your pelvic floor movements in real time using biofeedback - picture a cute little gem on the app that mimics the strength of your contractions!

For the cherry on top, the Elvie Trainer is 100% waterproof, so it’s easy to clean and designed to last, and made with medical-grade silicone, so it’s easy to insert too!

Here's what I think of the Elvie Trainer

With the awakening of my sexuality a few years ago came an appetite for exploring all things related to my body, including the strength of my pelvic floor. So I didn’t actually get the Elvie Trainer to help me with leaks; rather, I just wanted to test out my strength and enjoy the huge sex benefits along the way! Can you blame me?

Once my toy arrived, I literally opened it straight away, called my partner into the room, and asked if he wanted to watch me test it out right here, right now. So we got straight to work with my beautiful new Elvie Trainer!

Experience loads of sexual benefits by purchasing your Elvie Trainer now.

Elvie Trainer review - Evolved Lovers

The Elvie Trainer exercises

Here are the six exercises that you can do with the Elvie Trainer.

Exercise 1: Lift!

Lift your gem and keep it at the line. When it says so, relax and allow the gem to dip under the line. Doing this exercise, my gem stayed above the line even when I was breathing and relaxing, showing me that my pelvic muscles were taking a long time to return to their relaxed state.

Exercise 2: Pulse!

Squeeze your pelvic floor to hit the various targets with your gem. I literally got two out of ten - I was that bad!

Exercise 3: Lift again!

Lift your gem above the line five times, then relax and repeat. This was another exercise where I found that my gem wouldn’t relax and go below the line.

Exercise 4: Pulse again!

Pulse baby and hit those targets! I failed as my gem was going above the targets, showing me again that my muscles weren’t relaxing.

Exercise 5: You guessed it - lift!

Keep your gem inside the target for as long as possible. I was awesome at this exercise - finally!

Exercise 6: Squeeze

Squeeze as hard as you can to lift your gem as high as you can go. I got as high as level 9.1! This exercise reminded me of that game at the circus where you slam down a hammer on a target to get it to rise as high as possible.

Within minutes of testing out my new toy, my partner and I were in hysterics… I couldn’t even do some of the exercises! I missed so many targets because when I squeezed, my muscles would spasm and stay contracted. Now, there’s no way that a yoni egg is going to give me this much insight into my pelvic floor strength, right?

The benefits of the Elvie Trainer

Prioritise your pelvic floor

I for one don’t think that enough importance is placed on a strong pelvic floor. Did you know that pelvic floor problems such as incontinence affect one in three women and up to 70 percent of new mothers? These statistics shocked me. I feel like not enough people talk about it, probably because pelvic floor problems aren’t viewed as ‘sexy’. Huge eye roll.

While Kegel exercises are a good way of exercising your strength and toning your pelvic floor, it’s generally pretty difficult to exercise muscles that you can’t even see. Thank god for the Elvie Trainer which now cuts out all the guesswork!

The Elvie Trainer will do wonders for your sex life

Remember how I said that I wanted this toy not only to test my pelvic floor strength but also to experience its benefits on my sex life? Well, right after using the Elvie Trainer for the first time and laughing a whole lot with my partner, it’s no surprise that things got steamy and we ended up having ecstatic sex. I even had one of my first ever internal orgasms from doggy-style with no external stimulation whatsoever. It was so incredibly intense, beautiful, and full of love and connection with my partner.

Learn more about the Elvie Trainer here.

Elvie Trainer review - Evolved Lovers

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