Hi lovers,

Long time no speak! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted in this Journal but I’m so f***ing excited to share the topic of this blog with you… 

I don’t want to alarm you but I’ve done it - I’ve found the secret to epic sex! And it’s all thanks to my good girlfriend Elena Rossi, who you may or may not know as the creator and founder of The Yoni Empire.

A fellow Orgasm Coach and Sex Educator, Elena is my number one inspiration. I feel so lucky to call her my friend; we met in Europe and I even dragged her all the way to Australia just to see our beaches. I truly believe Elena was born with the gift to write, which is why I was dancing like a lunatic with excitement when she published her ebook Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions for Lovers to Deepen Sexual Desire.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this ebook has left me speechless. So what is it exactly?! Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions for Lovers to Deepen Sexual Desire is 87 pages of pure GOLD. As the name suggests, it’s filled with 500 questions which Elena specifically designed to stimulate open, honest sharing about sex and desire. There’s also over 20 tips for having productive, liberating, and sometimes steamy conversations about sex! 

Who exactly is Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions for Lovers to Deepen Sexual Desire aimed at?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a committed relationship or simply being sexual with someone. Whether you’re the cheekiest person alive who loves a dirty joke and having conversations about sex, or someone who feels shy and inhibited when discussing bedtime matters, this book will be invaluable for you. 

Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions to Deepen Sexual Desire is cold hard proof that you don’t need the craziest sex toys in the world (although they never hurt ;) ) or need to give the filthiest dirty talk in the world to fuel sexual desire. As Elena says, sexual desire is as simple as knowing and sharing the truth.

It all begins with asking the right questions

Using this book with my lover has opened up so much healthy, vulnerable communication in such a short time. From our first time asking each other Elena’s questions, I could feel us becoming closer and forming a deeper connection. 

Naturally, I want to be as honest as possible with you guys about how this game affected me and my partner’s relationship. So, my favourite questions that I asked my partner were… 

What is one thing I do that makes you go from 0 to turned on to the maximum?

He said it was a Ripcurl surf skirt that I wear… I had no idea and found this really sweet.

If there was anything you could say to me, what would it be?

My partner replied that he wanted to have a child with me. His certainty and directness absolutely blew my mind and melted my heart, considering this is all within our first year of dating. His answer left me a feeling of safety and security, leading me to trust him more because all of a sudden I knew he could see what I saw with him and that we both felt the same way about each other.

When do you feel most loved by me?

He answered saying he feels most loved by me when I come up to him in a shop or cafe and stroke his arm or give him a little kiss on the back. This opened up a deeper conversation as he told me that he saw these little affectionate touches as a sign of unconditional love; you don’t expect them, they come out of nowhere, and there’s no obligation to return anything back. 

Next, he asked me…

What are the top 5 things on my ‘sex bucket list’ or something that I fantasise about?

I answered that one thing on my sex bucket list was to watch him be sexual with another woman. He was shocked as he never saw that answer coming; he had no idea it was something I would like to do or even fantasise about. However he also expressed that it was a nice feeling, as it showed him the level of deep trust that I have with him and that my trust overrides any jealousy. It also opened up a conversation about whether it was just a fantasy or something I would like to become a reality in the near future. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Elena’s amazing questions… 

Delve deep with your partner by exploring your answers to all 500 questions in Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions to Deepen Sexual Desire! 


I have honestly been dying to share this ebook with you all ever since I started playing it with my partner. Naturally I haven’t been able to shut up about it, to the point where my remedial massage therapist asked me for the link… She now plays it with her partner who works FIFO and says their relationship has never been stronger! 

Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions to Deepen Sexual Desire could be the perfect gift for your lover or a fun new activity for your next date night. You can ask each other two to three questions over dinner every couple of nights, or go ham with 50 questions in one sitting… Whatever you feel like! 

Purchase your copy of Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions to Deepen Sexual Desire through The Yoni Empire website. It’s only 25 GBP - cheap as chips! Plus you can use my code ‘SKYE’ for a cheeky discount. 

Happy reading, lovers! Don’t forget to let me know what heartfelt moments and awakenings you and your lover receive from purchasing this ebook.