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Relationship Coaching

Whatever the current landscape of your relationship, whether there are roadblocks and barriers to overcome, or new adventures to embark on, Evolved lovers can help steer you in the right direction. With support and guidance, you’ll come to view sex as a nourishing, natural, beneficial part of life, that no one should ever feel shame about.

You’ll also learn to communicate your needs in a healthy way and experience a more loving connection. If you’re looking to spice things up, explore new terrain or push boundaries, Evolved Lovers can also equip you with the skills to get you there.

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Expert Coaching

Our expert coach will help you release feelings of guilt in relation to sex, body shame and taboo. That way you’ll be able to discover your body’s true potential and how it responds organically to suggestion, touch and stimulation.

You will learn specific practices that will develop your confidence, restore muscle engagement, and improve your feelings of self-worth. By balancing your shadow and light, the feminine and masculine energies within, you can evolve to a higher version of your sexual-self.

As a couple,
you can:

  • Align mind, body and spirit, so that you may love and live more wholeheartedly
  • Heal power dynamics and soothe struggles that may be draining your relationship
  • Restore trust by opening up healthy communication with your own unique love language
  • Reignite your passion and sexual desires
  • Explore the energies of your wholly connected selves and grow, together