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Lovers’ Acro Yoga

A new form of AcroYoga focusing on intimacy from a foundation of trust. This technique creates an abundance of joy and laughter, awakening your inner child as you surrender your fear.

This style of partnered yoga deepens connections through breath awareness, balance and movement. You will gain stability and strength within your body whilst achieving harmony with your loved one.

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Expert Coaching

Our expert coach will help you release feelings of guilt in relation to sex, body shame and taboo. That way you’ll be able to discover your body’s true potential and how it responds organically to suggestion, touch and stimulation.

You will learn specific practices that will develop your confidence, restore muscle engagement, and improve your feelings of self-worth. By balancing your shadow and light, the feminine and masculine energies within, you can evolve to a higher version of your sexual-self.

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This form of deeply intimate and connected Lovers Acro Yoga: 🍒

  • Increases your body sensitivity and awareness
  • Provides a satisfying workout through movement (and laughter!)
  • Breaks down barriers to connection and intimacy
  • Develops mindfulness and allows you to become fully present in the moment with your beloved
  • Builds genuine trust, allowing healing and growth for more authentic love, with poise
  • Nourishes your mind, body and spirit
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