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For Women
and Couples

Yoni Mapping is about understanding your body’s pleasure zones and discovering the potential of your Yoni through massage and de-armouring. Yoni mapping is like taking a guided tour of your sacred feminine space.

Through gentle massage and soft exploration, you are expertly guided to release any trauma, pain or numbness and return your Yoni to be the centre of bliss and the miracle it was created to be.

This opens up your mind, body and spirit to embrace your whole self and radiate from the inside out. Once the internal roadblocks are out of the way, you’ll be able to experience energetic mind-blowing full body orgasms.

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Expert Coaching

Our expert coach will help you release feelings of guilt in relation to sex, body shame and taboo. That way you’ll be able to discover your body’s true potential and how it responds organically to suggestion, touch and stimulation.

You will learn specific practices that will develop your confidence, restore muscle engagement, and improve your feelings of self-worth. By balancing your shadow and light, the feminine and masculine energies within, you can evolve to a higher version of your sexual-self.

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Benefits of Yoni Mapping

Some of the profound and long-lasting benefits of Yoni mapping include:

  • Deepening personal intimacy and increasing the relationship with your body through self-love
  • Restoring awareness to areas of numbness or pain
  • Overcoming shame and guilt
  • Expanding your experiences of pleasure potential so that you may experience new sensations and orgasmic states
  • Exploring your deepest desires. Learning more about your Yoni and discovering self-pleasure in a safe and non-judgmental space